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About upcyco

waste Materials

In Hong Kong, there are 600k tones of leather waste are disposed to the landfill from the leather industry each year, plus many more varieties of materials waste from different industries.

First, the problem of waste materials, 

There are three types of leather waste:
1) Cut out waste produce from leather products manufacturers or from leather workshops;
2) Skived leather from leather consumer who wants their thick leather to be thinner.

3) Leather samples from homeware brands to fashion brands.

Upcyco aim to rescue and optimise these materials with innovative designs. Providing new products for our customers by giving the materials a second life. 

Disadvantage women

Many disadvantage women in Hong Kong would like to work and given the necessary support and employment opportunities. However, most them need to take care of their children and cannot afford the aftercare service which is expensive and are often limited to a number of children they could take in.

Therefore, Upcyco wish to give them the support they need in exchange for the manpower we need.

By providing flexible work hours and flexible working location, it'll allowed them to earn extra money as well as being able to take care of their children. Since the production method is easy, it is good to scale-up the production with the help of our local women homemakers.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to create a brand that continues the life of waste materials and to educate the people of Hong Kong about waste utilization, recycling, upcycling and the importance of being environmental friendly.

As well as integrating product and fashion design in the business. 

Technology for Production

In order to speed up our production process, we  rent a CNC machine to process a part of our production. Utilising and integrating technology into upcycling.



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