Furoshiki Multi-Purpose Cloth (L Size)

Furoshiki Multi-Purpose Cloth (L Size)


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Furoshiki Multi-Purpose Cloth | 風呂敷 多用途包裹布

(Size L - 90cm x 90cm)


Inspired by the Art of Japanese Furoshiki and Korean Bojagi wrapping cloth, we proudly presents our upcycled version of the wrapping cloth made with rescued textiles. 

The idea of the Multi-Purpose Cloth, is to replace the use of wrapping paper, plastic/ paper shopping bags. As most of these are usually single use disposable carriers from shopping at the grocery store. 


The Multi-purpose cloth is a square piece of rescued fabric that can be used in many chic and different ways. Such as it can be transform into various type of lunch box/ gift wrapping, reusable shopping bag, shawl and many more...etcetc






Furoshiki Multi-Purpose Cloth | 風呂敷 多用途包裹布  (Size L)

  • Dimension: 90cm (w) x 90cm (h)

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  • Weight: 0.050g


- Product of Upcyco

-Made by Sheltered Workshop, St. James' Settlement

-Made in Hong Kong with rescued fabrics